The first row is pictures of my current car. These images are clickable reduced size images. Clicking on a picture takes you to the full-sized image. She is a slightly different shade of purple than her predecessor, even though she's supposedly the same color. She also has the 19" M3 wheels. Replacing rear tires on her is über expensive due to the big rim size, wide tread and skinny sidewalls.

The second and rows are pictures of the car that got stolen. That's me standing next to it in my furry jacket that I got in New Orleans and my stretch-denim, silver snakeskin jeans made by my (now) wife. When I bought this one, they didn't have the nifty GPS enabled alarm systems like are on my current car. Now, if my car disappears, I can use a web page or my cell phone to shut the car down and tell the police where she is. If I'd have had that for the first one, I'd still have it. Oh, well.

The remaining pictures are of my Z3. She happened to be my first BMW. I had never intended on buying a BMW because I had never wanted to be "Yuppy Scum"™. While I liked the looks of the Z3 when I saw it in the James Bond movie, it had always been a four-cylinder, underpowerd car. Heck, I wasn't even actively looking for a car: the lease on my Honda wasn't due to expire for almost another year. I had come home to my parents place for Thanks Giving. My dad's lease was due to expire, so he was looking for a new car. We happened to stop in at Cumverland Valley Motors to look at Volkswagens and Subarus. That's when I caught the glint of yellow out of the corner of my eye. I was drawn like a moth to flame. Turns out she was a limited edition car (one of 300 built) and she was a six-cylinder. I asked for a test drive. I bought her that day. I'd still have her if she wasn't so damn impractical.