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So, some of my co-workers pointed out to me, "you have a page about your pets and a page about your cars, but you only mention your wife in passing." So, in an effort to rectify this injustice, I created this page. She'll probably kill me. :)

First, let me start by saying that Donna is big into clothing and costumes. She loves to dress for the occasion, whatever the occasion may be, and she loves occasions. Donna also is rarely satisfied with what can be found in stores. She modifies just about everything she buys and has since she was a kid. She's gotten really good at it. She even has her own business doing it. The center and right pictures, above, are clothing she made. The left picture is of her dressed for a charity hockey game. Her recreational hockey team is the Fairfax Senators, hence she sewed that Senators patch onto her otherwise plain, black hockey pants (her hockey outfit needed to be NHL correct).

I call the above pictures her Miss Havisham outfit. She was given the wedding gown by a friend of hers several years ago. It was in an advanced state of disrepair. She fixed it up, cleaning the stains out of it, fixing tears and holes and fitted it to her own figure. Now, it is club wear. :)

Donna, like a lot of the women I have known, is chronically cold. So, in the winter time, she has a tendency to wander around the house with a quilt wrapped around her. Dunno... I find it kind of cute. Besides, I'd much rather she keep herself burritoed (her term) up in a quilt than wrapping her icy hands on me and sucking the warmth out of me. Just because I'm exothermic, why should I be forced to act as a heating pad??

Yet, as much as Donna hates the cold, and especially being cold, she loves snow. Any time there's even a hint of snow, she gets excited. As soon as flakes begin to fall, she starts going bonkers. This past winter (2002/2003 - our first together), we got dumped on heavily several times. The above are pictures of her out in the snow, grinning like a loon. Oh well, at least I didn't have to listen to her saying that, "God hates me," simply because it didn't snow as much as she had wanted.

I Just tossed the above in because I like the picture. I'll probably add more of that nature, as well.